The Beauty of One Point Linear Perspective In New York (2/2)





One point linear perspective is not limited to the streets. I am always glaring down hallways and trains. I live in Newark, NJ. I take the train back and forth all the time, often late at night. These late night train rides, though exhausting, fill me with some kind of indescribable fascination. I am usually alone on these train rides. No one gets to block my vision. No one gets to block the lights beaming down and reflecting off of the plastic seats. No one gets to block my reflection in the glass window. I am in control of what I am able to see.

These late night rides are accompanied by introspection. There is no chatter. There is no baby crying. There is only me. I sit down, admire the empty train, and think about who I am and what has come of my life. These are the nights I feel like I am at peace with myself.


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