The Beauty of One Point Linear Perspective In New York (1/2)


From the ‘High Line,’ intersection of  W 23rd St. and 10th Ave


As I walk through New York City, I am always finding myself observing and being mesmerized by the beauty of one point linear perspective that I encounter everywhere I go. If you understand the basics of linear perspective, you will also find yourself encountering these at every corner you turn. There is something about the thoroughness of it that really grasps my attention.

I best capture these moments with pictures. Through photography, I have the ability to capture a moment that could potentially last me a lifetime. What interests me most about one point linear perspective are the details. With one point linear perspective, like in the photo above, I get to see vehicles moving towards me, vehicles moving farther away from me, people going about their business, and buildings of every size aligned perfectly. It is as if I am being sucked into a void. This perspective forces me to think about what is beyond what I am able to see from where I stand. It is constantly calling me to explore.



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