Wealth Inequality in NYC

As I walked through Battery Park I was astonished by a huge LED screen that took up the whole lobby of a building outside Silverstein Family Park. Many New Yorkers passed by the building without acknowledging it while I stood there asking, why? Why is it necessary to have a large LSD display when the money used for that could be put to better use?

            I am not solely focusing on this LSD screen, but on the wealth inequality found around different parts of NYC. The normalization of wealth inequality is why more people do not ask why some areas of NYC are richer than others. If you want to experience the wealth gap all you must do is take a train form Battery Park to Harlem, and examine the differences. You will immediately notice how Battery Park is ‘better off’ than Harlem.

            To look at the issue of wealth inequality I believe an unconventional perspective is needed. A conventional perspective would view the inequality as a result of harder work, determination, and that people who do not work as hard as others deserve to have less. I believe wealth inequality should be looked at from the roots, and not from preconceived notions. There is not one single correct solution for wealth inequality, but a more humane perspective can help shift public opinion on this issue. It will always be absurd how there can be such a vast array of wealth in an area, yet there are people asking for change and sleeping outside through the cold, bitter nights.


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