Crowded Subway

The late night subway station is filled with long faces yearning for their bed, and others getting ready to go to their night shift. The subway is a vessel delivering workers to perform their daily duties to get their daily bread on the table.

During rush hour the subways are packed with the same people who ride the subway everyday as part of their tedious life. The subway is there to transfer you to and from wherever you exchange your labor for money.

The subway is filled with people of different cultures, identities, ideologies transporting them to wherever they are needed. As  rapper Immortal Technique said, ‘The subway stays packed like a multi-cultural slave ship.’

It may seem radical to compare a job to slavery, but the concept of someone paying you in exchange for labor may not seem free at all. Jobs are made out to be a choice, and not something forced upon you. What choice do you have when your options are to work or perish.





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