“Working Class”

What is the working class? It is a familiar phrase in the vernacular of politicians trying to sway the average joe to vote for them.

The working class is not solely a term politicians exploit. It is those who live day-to-day dividing their paycheck, wiping away the tired tear drops off their right to live.

It is the person who carries his cart of hope through the New York City nights eying any plastic bottle as another nickel towards their survival.

The taxi driver who emigrated here less then five years ago escaping from their war torn country as a result of U.S. foreign policy. Driving through the bright nights of New York counting every fare as the next meal on the table.

This is what the working class consists of. The working class does not have to be a void, meaningless political card dealt at best convenience. The working class can become a force to be reckoned with, united by their struggles against the oppressive capitalist system



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