Gentrification: East Harlem

East Harlem, a neighborhood known for its Puerto Rican population, and its affordable living for its residents who can’t afford no more. $2,000 is the monthly rent for a studio at Cooper Hill condos, the recently built building (2007) on the left hand side of the photo. On the right hand side, the white and gray building was built in 1891, and costs $1850 a month for two bedrooms and one bathroom.

Both apartments are on the same street across each other, but what makes the apartment on the left more expensive than that on the right. Cooper condos provide a gym, laundry room and a balcony for its tenets while the ancient, decaying building on the right just provides a roof over the tenet’s head. New and modern buildings are a sign of property around the area increasing in value, hence rent for other parts of the neighborhood rising. The result has been a decrease of low income Puerto Ricans moving into the area, changing the very fabric that East Harlem is known for.





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