Hopeless Garden

Looking through the fence I see the inevitable consequences of poverty. Pubic housing left in suboptimal conditions, meant as a segregation between those who can and can’t afford rent. The fence is physically separating two worlds of areas with need for public housing and those without need.

In between the building and the fence is a crafted community garden. There were many of these found around the premise. From the least expected place there is growth and life rising, despite the urban decay surrounding it inferring otherwise.

Like the inhabitants of the garden, one may feel rooted in their situation and hopeless. But, like a front yard garden in New York City the residents of low income housing can rise from the depths of impossibilities and rise through the cement crack of a sidewalk as a ‘miracle.’ My hope is that one day that ‘miracle’ from the cement crack is no longer a miracle, but the norm and that poverty does not keep anyone rooted in despair and hopelessness.



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