Absurd Simplicity

Sometimes the answers to the ails of life can be found in the simplest forms. After undergoing some personal troubles the past week I found myself at ease at Meow Parlor petting a black cat. The cat’s silky fur glided through my fingers, and a such a simple interaction put me at ease, and made me feel 100 pounds lighter.

This is not a propaganda piece on behalf of cats, yet a reflection on how sometimes less is more. When trying to recover from a subpar week I usually tend to overthink solutions, however at that moment it felt as though everything was in perfect alignment. Sometimes it is necessary to distant yourself from the pressures and demands of everyday life, and appreciate what is in front of you.

Sitting there, staring out the window I had an existential epiphany by simply petting a cat. I can free myself of despair by having an easy wandering mindset, and smile through the many futile, yet simple and enjoyable experiences that life offers.



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