Profile: Meow Parlor

Meow Parlor is a cat café located in Chinatown, and the only one of its kind. In this ‘café’ you’ll find foster cats roaming around as you are able to order café items, courtesy of their café across the street.

Not only was my visit to Meow Parlor a wondrous experience, but the work being done there is also quite impressive and genuine. All the cats there are adoptable, and as a result their roster of cats is often changing.

During my visit, I encountered a pair of sibling tabby cats (Fanny and Nicky) both with cerebellar hypoplasia, a cognitive condition that causes irregular and unstable walking patterns. After speaking with an employee, I discovered that both cats were abandoned at birth and stood at a shelter where they had a difficult time getting adopted. Meow Parlor decided to take both cats in, and hopes that the level of engagement they provide entices customers to adopt. But as of right now both cats are in a preferred home to that of a shelter.IMG_47610


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