The ‘Real’ Industrialization of the USA

When I look at this mural I think of the shameful history of U.S. factory workers and unions. This mural can be found at the American Museum of Natural History, and is in the American art section displaying the industrialization that took place in America.

In 1886, there were the Haymarket riots that took place in Chicago which saw workers demanding better conditions, and violent conflict rise among the protestors and police. The Pullman strike saw railroad workers protesting George Pullman, the man who built a city based on a community of his railroad employees. In 1920, J. Edgar Hoover conducted the Palmer Raids which saw the arrests of many radicals and union leaders, as they were a disturbance to the way of American life.

Being aware of all this I wonder what a true depiction of American industrialized labor would look like. Perhaps the artist should have included child laborers, protests between police and workers, and raids conducted by the FBI towards unions.



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