What constitutes of being anti-imperialist? For Puerto Rican freedom fighter, Pedro Campos it is refusing the United States’ inherent position of power, and fighting back through force if necessary.  It comes with the understanding that any imperialist force would not think twice of using violence against the oppressed, and that freedom does not come through reform.

For Argentinian Marxist Che Guevara, his views radicalized when he saw the effects of imperialism during his motorcycle journey in South America. As a doctor, he healed workers of different trades, and heard of their struggles as their American counterparts profited off their own natural resources.

With recent events circling Syria, I can’t help to emphasize that we must stay out and not act as an imperialist force for once. We claim to be helping those we entrap with our immigration laws, as we bomb them to pieces and topple their regime. It is time to say enough, and realize this is not any different than the imperialist invasions of Iraq and Libya that is now universally accepted as a mistake.IMG_4872



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